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Address: 9393 N 90th St. #102-158 Scottsdale, Az. 85258

Office:  480-695-4636

Hours:   9am- 5pm (MST)

Individual and Corporate Donations

•We make an effort to make financial assistance or pro bono handling available to fathers who have just and legitimate cases, but who would not otherwise be able to afford our services. Such assistance is made possible through the generous donations of concerned individuals and organizations.

•If you feel strongly about the importance of our work, and wish to learn more about financial assistance for deserving fathers and their children, please contact us for more information.

Financial Assistance

•From time to time we are able to make available financial assistance or pro bono handling of cases, through the generous donation of concerned individuals and organizations.

•To apply for consideration for financial assistance, please provide us with a 15-20minute personal video presentation detailing the circumstances of your case, and a brief explanation of your need for financial assistance. Contact us for details of how to prepare and send your presentation. Your presentation and all of the information it contains will be kept entirely secure and in strictest confidence. We cannot and do not make promises of any sort regarding which case or cases might receive assistance if you are selected to receive assistance, we will contact you directly by whatever means you designate.

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