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We are an independent, private organization which assists fathers who are seeking sole custody of a child or children.

Our purpose and function is to obtain all of the information and evidence a fathers attorneys will need in order to prepare and present a sound legal case for sole custody by the father

We do not accept cases in which sole custody is not the ultimate objective

We only accept cases in which the father has just cause for seeking sole custody, and in which sole custody by the father would clearly be in the child’s best interest.

Our entire focus is on the child's rights and well-being. We assist fathers in looking after and defending their children's best interests

Though we are not a law firm, we do employ in house attorneys who are experts in our fields of activity. We are also able to refer you to the very best family law and child custody attorneys outside of our own office. Though our home offices are located in Arizona, we serve clients anywhere in the United States

We stand on our record of success.

What do we do?

 We know exactly what can and cannot be done legally, by whom and under what circumstances to build , present , and prosecute a case for sole custody.

We do whatever is necessary to obtain all the information and evidence your attorney will need to represent you and your child effectively.

Our information- gathering team consist entirely of experienced and proven operatives and technicians.

We employ the latest surveillance, tracking and information gathering technologies, tools and techniques. Our team is fully trained and experienced in their effective and legal use.

Supplementing our in house team, we maintain close working relationships with other prominent and respected legal and technical experts in our areas of operation.

Everything we do is entirely legal. We are fully licensed, certified , bonded and insured, and are all of our operatives.

It is perfectly legitimate and legal for you to retain our services. However, you as the child's father, could not legally perform – or even be directly and personally involved with – approximately 90% of the activities we may engage in on behalf of you and your child. We will not break the law and we will keep you from inadvertently breaking it too.

•What is the cost for our services?

What we do , is to be blunt, quite costly. Before we begin work for you, we will be entirely forthcoming regarding estimated costs and time frames, and will take great care to ensure your full understanding and willingness before moving forward.

 From Time to time we are also able to make available financial assistance or pro bono handling of cases, through the generous donation of concerned individual and organization. See Donation Page for more information.


About Us

What about confidentiality?

All of your personal information, all actions we take on behalf of you and your child, and all information we gather are kept in strictest confidence, and are covered by stringent confidentiality agreements which are signed, witnessed and notarized before we begin work.

How do I retain your services?

•Your first step is to contact us and set up an appointment to meet. You will find contact details on our Contact Page.

•Before we begin work on your case, we will meet with you to learn everything we must know for a thorough assessment of your Case, a determination of our ability to legitimately assist you , and all informed estimation of the likelihood of success. This often requires more than one meeting.

•Once we have determined that we can legitimately help you my team will provide a contract, security agreement and other documents necessary to protect all parties involved will be prepared and then provided for you and your attorney to review. When agreement on the terms and conditions has been reached , the documents will be signed and notarized, and we will begin work on your case.

•If we determine that we cannot legitimately help you, we will tell you so, explain why, and provide you with the best advise we can as to your options and resources going forward.


•If you have been charge with domestic violence or other criminal acts that bear directly on your case ,but you have legitimate reason to believe that the charge or charges are invalid, we may be able to assist you  in such a case. we will investigate the matter as far as my team proves necessary to determine whether or not we can accept your case. Such investigation must of course be conducted at your expence , and will only be begun with you informed written consent.

•For reasons of security and confidentiality, we cannot provide you with references- that is , with the names of former clients; nor will we ever divulge your name or the names of anyone else involed in your case, other than as part of standard legal proceedings.

•Though we represent only fathers and their children, we are not “ Woman Haters.” We bear No animosity towards any Person based upon gender race ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiltiation, political views or affiliations, or any other category or personal Preference or legal behavior. At the same time, we are uncompromising and seek to be effective in everything.




Address: 9393 N 90th St #102-158 Scottsdale, Az. 85258

Office: 480-695-4636


Interested in being a future client. Fill out the form below and if you can be as detailed as possible. 

Expect a response within 24-48hr.

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